Take a leap into the future of Geology with us.


Mining doesn't have to be oldfashioned.                                                                                                                                                                            Click to read more.

Staying competitive in the global market requires staying ahead in technology adoption. Innovations in mining not only lead to improved work environments but also result in significant time savings and the avoidance of costly mistakes. Our products and services ensures that companies maintain their competitive edge while operating efficiently and effectively in a rapidly evolving industry. 


LithoSense will be able to quickly distinguish patterns in geodata through machine learning, giving geologists new tools to work with. Intention is to be used within the field of optical mineralogy.

The LithoSense software is currently only available for a handful of people for test phases. 


Simplistic, fast, custom made softwares for the mining industry. LithoGraph is the easiest way to display logged geodata such as rocktypes, alterations and sample intervals. Available now.

Ongoing projects

Collaborations with great people from great companies makes LithoGraphist continue to innovate. Some older projects will be accessible through open-source.

If you are interested in newer projects or consulting services don't hesitate to contact for more information.

Combining geology, engineering and programming

Geologists rely on a vast array of data, maps and geological surveys to understand the Earth's structure, mineral resources, and geological processes. More often than not we have large amounts of data that needs to be interpreted and processed.

Lithographist aims to improve the field of geoscience through advanced algorithms, data visusalization aswell as to understand companies needs and demands.

                                                                                   Preview of LithoGraph, used and implemented by companies such as LKAB.